Compass Supply Chain

About Puma México

Puma,  the  renowned  German-based  sporting  goods  brand,  has been a leader in the fusion of functionality and style since its founding in 1948. With a focus on innovation, quality and sustainability, Puma offers products that excel in both athletic performance and urban fashion. 

Collaborating with famous athletes and artists, the brand has expanded its global presence with more than 40 stores in Mexico, where it has managed to captivate a wide audience. From performance sneakers to avant-garde apparel, Puma continues to redefine industry standards. 

Puma Mexico represents not only an important market for the brand, but also a testimony to its commitment to providing Mexican consumers with a unique experience that goes beyond sports. 

The project challenge 

Puma Mexico works with more than five types of businesses, including Wholesale and Retail, which anticipate their merchandise volume requirements for the coming seasons. 

These requests undergo a consolidation and arbitration process before being sent to corporate in different purchase windows, with the objective of rigorously complying with the delivery dates agreed with each customer or type of business. 

Subsequently, a detailed follow-up of these orders is implemented to have precise control over delivery dates, thus guaranteeing on time arrival at the warehouses. This process involves the collaboration of the Sales, Supply and Imports areas. 

Sourcing Planning Tool: Compass Supply Chain 

We worked with Puma Mexico to develop a tool to optimize and strengthen the sourcing process.

In this context, a collaborative solution was developed to efficiently support various stages of the process. The selected tool facilitated the uploading and consolidation of information from customer orders to Puma, as well as the creation, negotiation and uploading of purchase orders from Puma Mexico to the corporation. 

In addition, solid support was implemented for tracking and updating logistics, including dates of arrival of purchase orders at the corporate office. This integrated approach aimed not only to streamline operational processes, but also to improve coordination and efficiency in Puma Mexico’s supply chain. 

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