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Pyplan was recognized as the Best New Vendor of the Year by the prestigious market analyst firm BPM Partners

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Best New Vendor


Take your business to the next level.

One Stop Decision-Making Platform

Pyplan allows integrating in a single place all the analytical tasks that support corporate decision making. Automatically feed off disparate data sources, continue to monitor what’s happening, inferring trends using self-calibrated predictive models, and simulate impacts across your enterprise to discover the best course of action.


Analyze multidimensional data, through interactive dashboards, self created by business analysts using a drag and drop interface.

Advanced Analytics

Create sophisticated data mining and predictive models that automatically recalibrates with transactional information. Early discover trend changes in your business behaviour to rapidly adapt to new context.

Performance Management

Integrate BI and Analytics insights into the company projection to understand impacts across business areas. Simulate corrective decisions to identify pros-cons and risks of any alternative and finally choose the best course of action.

Pyplan Features

  • Influence Diagrams.
    Brings transparancy to the business rules that drives your app. It allows you to organize and hierarchical navigate the calculation logic like no other software.
  • Interactive Dashboards.
    Drag and Drop any calculation step to a divisible canvas to easily create any dashboard. Add controls that are automatically synced with the information displayed.
  • Collaboration.
    Share your apps with a single click to your team or the entire company to spread your insights allowing others to contribute with additional perpectives to the decision making process.

Why having Python as language is relevant?

  • Because It is the “lingua franca” of Data Science and a language meant to be easy to read and learn (The Incredible Growth of Python)
  • It has more than 150,000 libraries to help you solve any imagined problem you may have
  • It has the largest and most active user community that keeps pushing the limits of what is possible and can contribute to answer your questions


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