Pyplan empowers collaborative planning throughout your organization. It offers a unique visual environment with influence diagrams and dashboards to provide a comprehensive model of your entire business.

Innovation is Key

With Pyplan, you can navigate the logic of your business, understand what drivers influence which results, and build what-if scenarios to explore alternative strategies and possible futures.

Pyplan‘s unique multidimensional data cubes let you create full-scale models that are remarkably concise. You can make changes on the fly. You can add new dimensions, products, regions, business units, scenarios, and more – to see how they affect results down to revised financial statements. Its flexible handling of time frames lets you smoothly merge short-term budgets with long-term strategic plans.

With Pyplan you can create unlimited What-ifscenarios, including Monte Carlo simulation of uncertainty, without rebuilding your models. Pyplan models use exponentially fewer formulas than spreadsheets, dramatically reducing the effort to build, validate, debug, and maintain models.

Pyplan lets you create formulas in plain language, making models easier to understand, explain and audit. It allows you to collaborate on models with colleagues without the risks associated with spreadsheet modeling.

Pyplan includes these key benefits:

Understanding the numbers:

Be confident in business models where the integrity is ensured and business logic is transparent, owned and controlled by your own business analysts.

Faster Time-to-Decision:

Your analysts will be able to provide fast answers to your most complex business questions.

Enhanced Data Analysis:

Pivot matrices, tables and charts with simple 'drag & drop' functionality. Dynamic charts and graphs will shed new light on previously hidden opportunities, relationships, trends and points of interest.

Geographic Information Visualization:

Gain new perspectives on your current data by exploring geographical trends.

Empower Collaboration:

Stop silos planning behavior. Stimulate your organization to take an integrated perspective of your business and discover your main business drivers.

Knowledge Transfer:

Build institutional knowledge with transparent, self-documenting models.

Organized Scenario Manager:

Be able to compare any scenario, trace its differences and reconstruct the numbers that originate them.

Customized Views and Dashboards:

Speed up your scenario assessment through customized views and dashboards.

Easy Integration:

Integrate models with databases, matrices, spreadsheets, and business applications via an entirely customizable ETL.

Model Scalability and Adaptability:

Huge flexibility and easy to introduce changes. Your planning model can initially be simple and keep adding complexity as your knowledge of business growths.

Take your business to the next level.

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